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Fidel Castro’s Grandson Under Fire For His Luxurious Lifestyle

Legendary communist and former Prime minister and President of Cuba, the late Fidel Castro was as famous as they get. However, his family is rarely seen in public. Well, for good reason. Tony Castro, the grandson of the communist patriarch recently found himself to be at the center of a social media upheaval though.

Courtesy : Tony Castro, Instagram

Young Tony is an aspiring model and has often been seen travelling the world in unbeatable style. But unlike the lifestyle of many young celebrities who go unnoticed, the young man came in the line of fire for flaunting his lavish life and adventures.

Courtesy : Instagram

While many young stars are known to share their lavish lifestyle on social channels, Tony Castro was criticized due to the economic condition in his home country. The current economy of Cuba is at an all-time low. The Cuban people (and the rest of the world) had a lot to say about young Castro.

Pedro Pérez wrote on his Facebook page, “All the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” This line is from George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” that has been banned in Cuba.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was one of the world’s most famous communism activists and political rulers. Born to a rich Spanish farmer, Fidel went on to complete his education in the University of Havana, where he imbibed and became a practitioner of ‘Anti-Imperialistic’ policies.

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro

Fidel became popular for his anti-government movement where he overthrew the then President of Cuba, Fulgencio Batista. His mission succeeded with help from infamous comrades like Che Guevara and his own brother, Raul Castro. His name is thus, etched in golden letters as one of the pioneers of the Cuban Revolution.

Cuba’s Economic Condition

Cuba’s current economic condition is a matter of deep worry. According to Miami Herald, the average Cuban income is just a mere $30 per month. To add to the agony, basic food items such as bread, eggs and milk are scarce. The residents also receive rationed amounts of basic bread for supper.

Cuban locals going out to find food
Courtesy: CBS news

Tony Castro

Tony Castro’s most notable appearance was in Chanel’s fashion show in 2016 alongside Havana’s famed, Prado Boulevard. However, he was not the one who walked the ramp. He enjoyed a premium seat next to the runway, reserved for VIPs, along with his cousin Mariela Castro. The party also included important Cuban officials and television personalities.

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Tony Castro Instragram feed
Tony Castro

Meanwhile, it is apparent that Tony loves to travel, as most of his Instagram posts show. Now the world knows that he is rich and willing to spend for an envious lifestyle.

The Castro Family’s Secrecy

Tony’s father, Antonio Castro, was also seen vacationing near the coast of the Greek island, Mykonos in 2015. Aboard a luxury yacht, his lavish life caught the attention of media bugs. Reportedly, his bodyguards beat up a Turkish reporter who tried to take pictures of him. Looking back, it seems like his PR was possibly trying to prevent the media outrage that has surrounded Tony right now.

Antonio Castro vacationing in Greece
PC: The Real Cuba

People have gone to the extent of question who’s paying Tony’s bills. If you think from the point of view of the residents, their anger kind of seems justified.

Tony Castro
Tony Castro

While the captain of a sinking ship is the last to abandon it, people are getting the opposite treatment from the families of old Cuban heroes. Is their reaction a cry for help or just a desperate attempt at justice being meted out?

However, if you look at the bright side, Tony’s lifestyle has brought attention to the economic condition of Cuba. One does hope that it’s only a matter of time that the attention works out in their favor.
In the end, all we can say, is Viva La Vida Cuba.


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