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What’s New At Netflix? The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

Streaming services have redefined our perception about entertainment and Netflix is surely at the apex of the streaming ecosystem. It releases so much content in different genres and formats that it becomes difficult to keep track of what to watch and what to not. Worry not, we sifted through all the releases to bring the best and worst of Netflix in 2018.

Best of 2018 (so far)
The End Of The F***ing World

A 17-year-old teenager James who is a self-diagnosed psychopath meets a lonely outcast named Alyssa who is equally disturbed. James is convinced that he is a serial killer to a point that he decides to start his murdering streak by killing Alyssa while Alyssa has her own problems and finds a chance in James to escape from her rough life at home. The interesting premise will definitely keep you hooked for 8 episodes. The show is been hyped as the most addictive Netflix show ever and for the most parts, it stays true to its hype.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 2

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Marvel’s follow up to its fantastic vigilante investigation drama hits all the right notes. A superwoman without a cape – Jessica Jones, who rebels against societal norms and power structure is the most spellbinding character Netflix has ever created. The new season does not tower over the first but it does create a lot of interesting moments for our heroine to shine. We are still in love with her reckless and flawed personality which is rare to find in superhero oriented shows.

Wild Wild Country

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If you are tired of watching tv series then try Netflix’s latest docuseries and mind our words ‘Wild Wild country’ will be the wildest piece of entertainment you will see this year. Osho a.k.a Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in his early days attracted many free-spirited and peace-loving thinkers who followed him to the utopian city he builds in Oregon desert. The story is mainly focused on Osho’s right hand Maa Anand Sheela who prompts Osho’s followers in committing several crimes over the years. The controversy behind the most controversial cult in the American history is surely an engaging watch and worthy of your time.

On My Block

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On my block is a comedic gaze at the lives of teenagers living in LA. The show sails because the comedy works, there is an instant sense of familiarity with the characters. Keeping the exaggeration to a minimum it is a nice piece of work which cannot be missed.

Worst of 2018 (so far)

The following list doesn’t include shows which are downright disgusting or simply unwatchable. It rather includes shows which showed so much promise before their respective releases but in the end, didn’t manage to deliver up to the expectations. They had all the resources and potential to become great but somehow turned out to be mediocre.


Edha is an objective look at the lives of people working in the fashion-conscious city of Buenos Aires. At the heart of the show is our compelling heroine Radha whose presence is captivating but the story surrounding Edha doesn’t fly. The most downgrading aspect of the show is that it takes too much time to reach the real meat of the drama plus whenever story tries to shift its focus from Edha it starts dragging. A lot more was expected from the first Argentinian show on Netflix given the revered reputation of the Argentinian film industry in independent circles the show is a major letdown in all prospects.


The show stars academy award winner Kathy Bates in the lead role. The show is created by Chuck Lorre who is known for creating shows like ‘Two and a half men’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Disjointed dwells on the cliche ideas of studio comedies which helped Chuck Lorre gain popularity in the past but the same trick doesn’t work here. The slapstick comedy seems too routine to impress. It has all the ingredients of a hit TV show but it falls flat in terms of innovation.

Altered Carbon

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Altered Carbon is the most visually sumptuous show Netflix has ever produced, it is Netflix’s most expensive show till date. Altered Carbon revolves around a future where those with power can transfer consciousness between bodies with a simple upload.

Netflix apparently spent millions of dollars to produce this sci-fi neo-noir thriller and it has successfully managed to overwhelm audiences but critics don’t seem to be very much psyched about it. According to critics, the show is sloppy and non-cohesive. It crumbles more often than it lifts and overall it seems too stretched, even for a TV show.


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