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Why Users Are Deleting Instagram – And You Should Think About It Too!


Instagram is considered to be one of the most influential social networking sites currently. It created a lot of buzz right away since its launch as a platform for sharing pictures and videos with friends and followers. Moreover, post its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, it has gone strength to strength. What sets it apart from other platforms though, is its ease of use and the filters for editing photos. Besides, Instagram also directly lets you engage in a one-to-one pictorial SMS like conversation with any of your followers.

Why you should worry?

The Instagram family is now 800 million strong. While this is an impressive figure, another trend on the rise is the number of inactive users as well a those uninstalling the app altogether. One of the deductions of this behaviour may be that the feeling of constant gratification from garnering likes and popularity on Instagram cannot be sustained in the long run. What started as a scrapbook of your favourite photo memories has slowly turned into a place where we post to get instant acceptability, followers and admiration. So much so that, a large number of users keep checking their profiles after sharing a picture or a video to see whether the likes have gone up.

Over time Instagram has started aping features of other social networking apps, in an effort to kill competition. One of the most popular examples is how the Story feature which was one of the USPs of Snapchat was replicated by Instagram. The platform has added some cool filters to edit the image within the app and that’s something that gives an added advantage to Instagram over the others.


An interesting pattern has started to develop over the years now, where the photo sharing platform has started becoming a place for hatred, jealousy and anti-social or racist comments which can drab you off your energy. Social media is a place to get up, close and personal with your friends and followers. But this very premise is jeopardized today with people you don’t even know getting more and more intrusive.

How can you control the madness?

The solution to this madness lies not in deleting the app altogether. Though it might seem good but in the long run, it’s not feasible as we are living in a world where social media has become indispensable to our existence. What matters now is to realize that the adulation and likes are ephemeral and that we should not take them seriously.  The time we spend on Instagram and other such apps is to enjoy, have fun and connect with people. The comments which people make are not to be taken to heart. People we hardly know, who follow us on Instagram are not the ones that matter in real life and their opinions should not make much of a difference. So, though deleting the app may be good for a much needed break what matters here is moderate use of the app and always keeping in mind that, the main purpose of app is to share what ‘you like’. Therefore, what matters is what ‘you like’ and not the other way around.



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