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World Emoji Day Is Celebrated By All The Biggies

World Emoji day has been creating noise everywhere! In 2015, emoji historian Jeremy Burge created this light-hearted holiday of the emoji day, which is now an unofficial holiday every year on July 17.

Everyone is going bonkers about the world emoji day. There are so many group chats and comment sections filled with emojis for the occasion. While heart and heart eyes are being cute everywhere, eggplant and peach emojis are making it up for the thirsty crowd. (earning so many laughs!)


Also, actual proper jokes like how talking to a person who doesn’t use emojis feels like talking to an AI. And the jokes and memes on emoji chart of famous actresses (ahem, Kristen Stewart) did so many rounds on the social media. Joining the enthusiasm of the crowd, Facebook announced the most used emoji across the platform and also on the messenger is the red heart emoji.

Twitter too joined the bandwagon and released data about the most used emojis. Heart, fire, thumbs up and heart eyes are the most used on the platform. It also announced that keeping the changing interests of the people in mind, it is planning on getting a whole lot of emojis on board. Culture, news, sports, and entertainment related emojis are soon to come up on the microblogging site!

And Apple, well, Apple is all about going big or going home. So the company announced that they’re getting over 70 new emojis on board. All of them diverse, with different skin colors, and gender neutral emojis are gonna be there too! Now, that’s something. Also, Redheads had been complaining about how there are only blondes and brunette emojis all this while. Buckle up, buttercups- Apple is all set to release ginger emojis for you. Not just red hair, but there is also going to be a bunch for the curly haired beauties.

US domain dealer Go Daddy also talked about how much emojis are in use and how popular they are. They commented on how popular emojis are getting even on the webpages!


Emojis are rapidly replacing the words and if you’re wondering where it all started, it was in Japan 1999. A few cartoon characters were built back then and they became super viral. The trend caught on and emojis became the major part of expressing one’s self. And these cute little things became so much that in 2015, Oxford dictionary had chosen an emoji for the ‘word of the year’! (it was a laughing face with tears of joy if you’re wondering)

The celebration of the world emoji has become so popular that last year, Newyork’s Museum of Modern art had displayed all the emojis, including those originals created in Japan. Also, the Empire State building was lit up in emoji yellow, Y’all.

So, in conclusion,  everyone on social media is having a field day. Users are expressing their joy about the occasion with their favorite emojis. Tech biggies are giving out more emojis for them. And things like emoji cushions, t-shirts, and mugs are running wildly around in sale online for people to buy. Win-win for all.



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