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YouTube Rolls Out Vertical Ads

YouTube is stepping up, you guys.

The most popular online video site has rolled out a vertical video experience now. Videos on YouTube have always been horizontal and they have now fully committed to the vertical video ad experience. They are introducing the vertical ad feature to provide a more seamless experience to the mobile audience. This is a brilliant development since 70% of the videos are watched on the mobile. This could be a game changer for a lot of online brands. These ads are going to render on the screen in the same way as the ads displayed on Instagram and SnapChat.

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History of YouTube

YouTube was founded in 2005, by former Paypal employees Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurley. Within a year, YouTube became the fastest growing site on the internet. The same year, it had its first million view video on the platform, which was a Nike video. Bought by Google in 2006, it still continues to grow, with hundreds of videos being added on the platform every single day. One of the biggest milestones is the partnership with the Vivendi team to launch Vevo, which covered high-quality music videos. A lot of Indie artists have been getting attention after this development. YouTube recently rolled out a DM and a story feature. Unlike the story feature on Facebook and Instagram, YouTube’s stories last for seven days. And you can reply to the story only with a pic or a video.

What to expect

Vertical ads aim to occupy 75% of your mobile screen, and clicking on it would expand it further making it a full blown full screen ad. YouTube, thus is trying to give a personalized feed to its users, striking out the random. A statement by an executive released about the new feature says that, “Vertical video ads provide a big, beautiful canvas to deliver your message on mobile and allow engagement with your customers in a way that fits their viewing preferences.”

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Users seemed to get along well with the new development. Statistics showed that there has been a 33% increase in brand awareness and a 12% increase in the consideration of purchase. Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer said that, “It’s actually something we had been hearing from advertisers and their creative agencies for some time. Now we’re happy to deliver it and I think what they do with it will exceed our expectations from a creativity standpoint,” about the new vertical ad feature.

The way ahead

Neal also commented about the vertical video ads that “As more videos get shot vertically, we want to take advantage of the full canvas and not just have it rammed into the horizontal [layout] with black bars on the side. Just like it’s this engaging place for users, we think it can be a great place for advertisers to connect with them too”.

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Many brands think this feature has a lot of potential and the open statistics about the results of the new update. So, we guess YouTube is here on a roll.


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