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YouTube To Roll Out An All New Incognito Mode For Users Later This Year

YouTube’s mobile interface is in for a massive upgrade. An APK analysis done by 9to5Google hints at unfinished coding regarding features like incognito mode, the long-awaited dark theme, and other changes expected soon. YouTube has always been at the forefront when it comes to the features that the platform offers as compared to its peers. Let’s have a closer look at these new upgrades which are yet to be rolled out.
Incognito mode
If you don’t know it already, incognito mode enables users to browse without leaving the trail behind in the history. The surfing done in incognito mode is mostly anonymous and it will not reflect in the browsing history. This is similar to Google Chrome’s current incognito function.
With a lot of unregulated content already out there by the users, it is hard to believe that the option of Incognito browsing has been absent on YouTube. This is compensated by a not so well known feature that allows users to pause the browsing history. This feature is hidden deep beneath in the settings and it’s not always effective. Incognito mode will competently replace this feature making the platform more comprehensible and less clumsy. It is also revealed that YouTube will use Google Chrome’s incognito icon as their own in the upcoming update.
Dark theme
The ‘dark theme’ a.k.a night mode reduces the strain on the eyes while browsing at night. This feature was initially introduced in the desktop version of YouTube and later in the latest YouTube music app. It took YouTube quite some time to extend it to mobile version but nevertheless, it is happening.
Users will be allowed to switch off or switch on the dark theme depending on their preference. Dark theme has already been released for the iOS users and may get included in the next Android update of YouTube.
Swipe to skip ads
If you aren’t a YouTube Red user, chances are that advertisements are an integral part of your YouTube experience. Till now you had to sit through the ad and tap on the screen after 5 seconds to skip it, well this is going to change. In the upcoming update, users will be able to simply swipe across the screen to skip the ad. This will end the accidental skipping of ads while aiming for a pause or visit advertiser buttons.
Relocation of auto-play settings
Autoplay settings which previously was a part of general settings has been broken down into an entirely separate page titled autoplay. So far this feature is available on all mobile platforms.
Creating a whole new page for one single setting does sound suspicious. This breakdown suggests that YouTube may expand its autoplay settings by adding more features.

On paper, new YouTube features may not seem ambitious or even practical for some users, but it can be said that YouTube is laying the groundwork for future updates. We surely hope that the expected updates should bring fascinating new features on the platform thus adding a little more ease to the overall YouTube experience.


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